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MegaSporeBiotic SPORES ONLY formula: The first MEGA-dose, 100% spore formula probiotic with 5 Billion CFU

Please note that this is the version of Megaspore without the added antioxidants (the spore only version).

Each full 2 capsule daily serving of mega sporebiotic provides 5 billion CFU of Microbiome Lab's proprietary blend of bacillus calusii, bacillus subtilis HU58, bacillus coagulans and bacillus lichenformis.

Suggested Dosage from Microbiome Labs:

MegaSporeBiotic Vegetarian Capsules:
Week 1: take one capsule every other day with food (eg. with the main meal of the day)
Week 2: take one capsule each day (with meal)
Week 3: take 2 capsules a day (both at the same time, with a meal/food)
Next 4 Weeks: take 2 a day (both at the same time, with food) – then talk with your nutritional therapist.

If any health reactions occur when taking 2 a day, ease back to 1 a day. Pay attention to how you are feeling and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Remember for best results always take the MegaSporeBiotic capsules with food.

Any questions about dosage or the above titration method please call Microbiome Labs UK (the manufacturer) on 0845 528 1296

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