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  • High Quality, Durable Mini Yoga Ball - Made with eco-friendly PVC our 25cm soft mini gym ball is anti-burst, easy to inflate, non-slip and highly versatile.

  • Great For Yoga and Pilates - Commonly used in group classes, these small inflatable exercise balls are great for pilates, yoga, core training and physical therapy.

  • Convenient and Portable Pilates Ball - Easily deflates and fits into a bag to take to the gym for yoga or Pilates classes, or when travelling so that you can exercise while on holiday.

  • A Versatile Soft Mini Fitness Ball - Can be used to build a strong core via abdominal exercises, to improve stability and balance, and as a small physio ball.

  • Easy Inflation - Our soft mini yoga ball comes with its own inflation straw and stopper, which makes it easy to inflate whenever you need to. Just remove the plug, insert the straw, blow into the straw to inflate, remove the straw and quickly reinsert the plug.
Pilates Ball 9 Inch - A Useful Piece of Pilates Equipment

Fortitude Sports Mini Yoga Ball is a high quality, durable, inflatable soft pilates ball made with thick PVC that is anti-burst, easy to inflate, non-slip and highly versatile. You can use it at home for core workouts as a core balance ball, or for physio exercises, or you can take it to the gym for yoga or pilates classes. It's a great small gym ball for building a strong core, increasing balance/stability or for physical therapy ball exercises.

Our small yoga ball is convenient and portable; it easily deflates and fits into a bag to take to the gym or when travelling. Each soft physio ball comes with a free inflation straw - simply remove the plug from the fitness ball, insert the straw, blow to inflate and then quickly remove the straw and replace the plug without allowing the air to escape.

Our pilates balls can be inflated to a maximum of approximately 25cm (~9 inches), but many people choose to have the ball a little softer at around 20cm / 7 - 8 inches. The Fortitude Sports pilates stability ball is available in a choice of colours - currently blue, pink and purple.


Instructions for Inflation Of Pilates Mini Yoga Ball

Demonstration of exercises that can be done with a small yoga ball

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