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  • Running Parachute Resistance Trainer -54 inch resistance parachute for improving sprint speed, a resistance chute is an essential piece of running equipment for those looking to really build speed

  • Adjustable Waist Size - Our run parachute features an easily adjustable belt suitable for waist sizes 20-42 inches therefore usable by men, women and kids

  • Comes With Convenient Carry Bag - Each training parachute comes with its own convenient bag so that you can easily take it anywhere, making it a truly versatile, portable piece of speed training equipment

  • Build Your Sprint Speed - Use of a Speed Chute is extremely popular amongst athletes trying to increase their sprint speed and power via resistance speed training

  • Football Parachute Running Training - Great as Football Training Equipment For Youth or Adults, parachute training is becoming a popular training method in football, rugby and other sports

Fortitude Sports Speed Parachute is a fantastic tool for speed resistance training. Commonly used by athletes, parachute speed resistance trainers help build explosive power and sprint speed while boosting the effectiveness of a running workout and helping to increase exercise stamina. Our speed chute is easily adjustable for waist sizes 20-42 inches (therefore suitable for both adults and older children) and comes with a convenient carry bag so that you can conveniently take it wherever you train.

A sprinting parachute is a popular method of football equipment training and rugby training, as well as being popular with sprinters and other runners (middle and long distance runners). Great as a running parachute for kids and adults alike, this product is a very useful, versatile and portable piece of sprint training equipment that can really make a difference to your training.

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