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  • Resistance Bands For Legs & Glutes - high quality resistance loop bands for toning, stretching and strengthening the leg and glutes muscles

  • Great for Yoga - an ideal training tool for yoga, pilates, stretching, crossfit and more. An exercise band set is a vital, affordable and versatile piece of exercise equipment for home use

  • Range of Resistance Levels - our resistance bands set features 5 exercise legs bands with varying resistances from very light to very heavy, making them suitable for men & women of all strength levels

  • Therapeutic Use - stretch bands for exercise are commonly used as physio bands for physical therapy and correcting muscle weaknesses/imbalances as well as improving mobility/flexibility

  • Convenient To Use Anywhere - our resistance band set comes with a convenient travel bag so you can use our workout bands anywhere; at the gym, at home or while travelling

Fortitude Exercise Resistance Bands Set For Women and Men are a set of leg bands for exercise - specifically for training the legs and glutes to improve strength, flexibility and mobility. Each of the five bands has a different resistance level to suit different requirements - heavy resistance bands for strength and lighter fitness bands for stretching/toning. These loop resistance bands are easy to use and come in their own convenient travel bag. This product is also used as physio resistance bands for helping client recover from injuries or to improve muscle weaknesses or imbalances.

  • - 5 high quality resistance loop bands of varying resistance
  • - Made of high strength, durable latex
  • - Ideal training tool for yoga, pilates, resistance training, Crossfit or physical therapy.
  • - Comes with a convenient travel bag.
  • - Easy to use, convenient for home workouts or when travelling.
  • - Each band is 25 cm long by 5cm wide
  • - Band thicknesses: Yellow 0.35mm (Extra Light), Red 0.5mm (Light), Blue 0.7mm (Medium), Green 0.9mm (Heavy), Black 1.1mm (Extra Heavy)


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