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  • 37cm/14.5inch Pilates Ring Magic Circle - A great workout tool for pilates, yoga, fitness and toning. Provides steady resistance for a variety of exercises.

  • Dual Grip Padded Foam Handles For Comfort - Inner and outer padded handles make this fitness circle comfortable to use, particularly on inner thigh exercises for toning the legs.

  • Versatile, Lightweight and Portable - Our pilates ring is lightweight at less than 500g and easy to carry, whilst offering a wide variety of exercise possibilities for toning the legs, glutes, arms, abs and more.

  • Mild But Effective Resistance - Magic Circle Rings offer a great level of resistance for hard to train muscles such as the inner thighs. At less than 500g, its light enough to take with you when travelling.

  • Useful For Rehab/Physical Therapy - An ideal toning option for those requiring physical therapy/rehab or people who are new to exercise. Can be used to increase balance, core strength and flexibility.

Our 37cm/14.5inch magic circle pilates ring is a fantastic training workout tool for toning up, especially for hard to hit muscles like the inner and outer thighs and the pelvic floor, as well as for those looking to do physical therapy or generally improve balance and core strength. Our fitness hoop is lightweight but durable and easily portable and at less than 500g it's quite easy to take with you when travelling.

Commonly used in yoga and pilates, these 'magic circles' are a flexible fitness ring offering mild resistance with dual grip foam handles that can be grabbed or put between the knees. A multitude of upper and lower body exercises can then be performed in order to aid toning up the legs, glutes, abs, arms and more. This can be done either at home or in group classes of Pilates or Yoga at a gym/fitness centre and is a suitable piece of equipment for participants of all ages and ability levels. This product offers a cheap and effective way of performing a full body workout that can boost flexibility, core strength, balance and fitness.

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