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  • Running Hydration Backpack- 5 litre total capacity (for water and storage) rucksack with water bladder, great for running, cycling hydration, hiking or camping. Lightweight at only approx 375g.

  • With 2 Litre Water Bladder Backpack - Convenient, easy to use hydration running pack system with 2 litre capacity water bladder and drinking tube; great for runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists and hikers.

  • Stay Hydrated Whilst Out Running, Cycling or Hiking - This running water vest allows you to easily drink water or other fluids whilst exercising outdoors on a hike, cycle, run or whilst camping.

  • Fortitude Running Hydration Backpack Features Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Reflective Strips - Ensures a comfortable fit and enhanced night-time safety.

  • High Quality Design Cycling Backpack - Made from lightweight, high quality material and available in a range of colours (currently blue, orange and red).


Fortitude Sports Running Hydration Vest Men and Women
Fortitude Sports Running Hydration Pack is a lightweight rucksack-style running backpack, normally used for outdoor endurance sports such as running, cycling, hiking, walking or camping. Within the backpack is a 2 litre water bladder with drinking tube that allows you to easily hydrate whilst exercising outdoors as well as generous storage space.

This camel backpack hydration pack features adjustable shoulder straps, additional storage space (for a total 5l capacity), a selection of attractive colours (blue, orange, red) and reflective strips for enhanced night time safety. Our running hydration vest is lightweight at only approximately 375g and super easy and convenient to use in order to stay hydrated. Suitable as a run vest, cycling backpack or water pack for hiking for both women and men, this product provides a great, affordable option for a hydration running vest for runners, cyclists, joggers, hikers and more.

We are confident you will enjoy using our running vest hydration system and you may also be interested in other products from our range such as our running belt and phone holders, our cycling clothing or our other sportswear and fitness products in our Fortitude Sports line.

Running Water Backpack - Hiking Backpack With Hydration System
Fortitude Sports Running Vest Hydration Pack Benefits


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