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  • Durable 6 Metre 12 Rung Football Training Ladder - Great rope ladder for training to improve speed, agility and co-ordination. These speed ladders are a very popular piece of agility training equipment

  • Fantastic Speed Training Equipment Running Ladder - Often used for football, rugby and many other sports to improve footwork or as a workout ladder for general fitness and cardiovascular training

  • Carry Bag Included - Comes as a complete football ladder training set with a convenient carry case, making it easy to take with you to the gym, park or sports field. Very popular for kids football training equipment

  • Burn Calories With A Fitness Ladder- The use of an exercise ladder is a highly effective way to burn calories, increase fitness and lose body fat; whether you are an athlete or a beginner

  • Easy To Use Indoors or Outdoors - Use outdoors as football agility training equipment for footwork, skill and speed building or indoors as a fitness ladder for agility, calorie burning and cardio

The Fortitude Sports Agility Speed Ladder 6m is 6 metres long, with 12 rungs, and is great for training to improve speed, agility and co-ordination. Frequently used in football training and other sports like Rugby; a footwork ladder is also great for building up fitness and cardiovascular health. It also can be highly effective as a means to burn calories, lose body fat and improve body composition. Great for everyone from pro athletes to beginners to fitness, the Fortitude Sports Ladder also comes with a convenient carry case; making it easy to take with you to the gym, park or sports field.

Our football ladders are great for indoor use in a gym or at home for cardio fitness and fat burning or outdoors training building speed, nimbleness and agility for your chosen sport (whether that's football/soccer, rugby, running etc..). They are suitable for both adults and kids of all ages. They are a great, versatile training tool for many purposes.

Fortitude Sports offer a wide variety of products like our football training ladder for all kinds of sports and fitness pursuits - please check out the rest of our brand new store to view our full product range.

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