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  • High Quality Ab Mat Cushion - Made from high density foam with a PVC leather cover, our abdominal mat allows more effective performance of sit ups and crunches for the purpose of improving abdominal muscle tone.

  • Supports The Lumbar Spine During Core Training - Our abmat gives soft cushioning beneath the lower back to help maintain your natural arch and allow for full range of motion, making the exercise both more comfortable and more effective in aiding your efforts at toning up/reducing belly fat or getting a strong 6 pack.

  • Takes Stress Off The Hip Flexors - Regular situps and crunches often over-involve the hip flexors rather than forcing the abs to do the work like they should. Our sit up mat helps create proper pelvis alignment and stability to allow the exercise to focus on the core muscles (abdominals).

  • Build A Strong Core - Performing ab workouts using an ab crunch pad allows for greater range of motion and muscle activation, thereby allowing you to work your abs and strengthen your core more effectively.

  • Popular In Cross Fit - Abdominal mat situps are especially popular in the crossfit community for their assistance in proper alignment, technique and body mechanics.

Core Fitness Mat - An Essential Piece Of Sit Up Exercise Equipment

Fortitude Sports Ab Mat is a great piece of sit up exercise equipment designed to support the lumbar spine and help your abdominal muscles move through a full range of motion during situps and crunches for maximum muscle activation and results. Our abdominal mat helps stabilize the hips/pelvis and create correct neutral spinal alignment, taking the strain off the hip flexors and ensuring the abdominals do the work. Abdominal mats have been popularized further by the Crossfit community, where they are valued for assistance in proper technique and body mechanics - making them an essential piece of Crossfit equipment.

Our core fitness mat is made from high density foam with a PVC leather cover which renders it both comfortable and hard wearing, plus easy to wipe clean. The exercise mat is placed below the lower back to cushion the lumbar spine and then sit ups or abdominal crunches can be performed as required whilst maintaining your natural arch and optimizing your effective range of motion. The result is safer, more effective ab training in your pursuit of a leaner, more toned waist and six pack.
Ab Mat Benefits - Abs Workout Equipment

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