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  • 3m Fully Adjustable Skipping Rope - Easy to change the jumping rope length to suit men, women and kids of all sizes using the adjustment screws at each end

  • Lightweight but Durable Speed Rope - Our skipping ropes for adults are made of steel but coated in PVC making them very hard wearing but also light and fast; great for speed work for boxing or use as a Crossfit skipping rope

  • Jump Rope To Fitness - Using an adult skipping rope for a jump rope workout is one of the best forms of cardio exercise and great for getting fit, getting in shape, burning fat and improving conditioning

  • Great For Boxers/Crossfit - Boxers have long used rope skipping to get in fight-ready conditioning whilst many Cross-Fitters incorporate speed skipping (including double-unders) into their daily workouts

  • Smooth Rotation, Easy To Use - These skipping ropes for fitness provide a very smooth rotating action whilst also being tangle free, making it a great choice for beginners as well as more advanced athletes

Fortitude Sports high quality 3m long adjustable speed rope for adult fitness, boxing, MMA, CrossFit and other workouts. Our boxing skipping rope for men and women is very lightweight, with smooth rotation action. Every boxing rope features steel cable wire, coated with a protective PVC layer and is complete with comfortable plastic handles. Its easy to change the length of the CrossFit rope using the adjustment screws at each end, making it suitable for adults of all heights and also possible to use as a skipping rope for kids.

This rope is popular as a speed skipping rope for fitness, as a speed rope for CrossFit, or for boxing conditioning and is available in a selection of colours (currently black, grey, orange and pink). Jumping rope is a cheap, fun and easy way for people of all ages and abilities (from professional to beginner) to get fit, get in shape, improve cardiovascular function and body composition, train for sport and keep active. Easy to use to skip rope at home or throw in your bag to take to the gym.

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