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  • High Quality 50cm x 30cm Donut Ball For Exercise, Balance and Physical Therapy - Made from eco friendly, non slip, durable PVC material that can support up to 300lbs

  • Versatile Inflatable Fitness Donut - Used for many purposes ranging from core and stability exercises in the gym, birthing exercises during maternity, and as a small ergonomic chair substitute.

  • Easy To Inflate - Comes with a foot pump for quick inflation and then is perfect to use in the home or a fitness studio. It only takes a few minutes to inflate our gym ball.

  • Functional Training - Works great as a stability exercise ball for adults for building balance and core strength through exercise forms such as yoga or Pilates.

  • Ergonomic Donut Shape - Flat top and bottom makes this gym ball far more stable than regular swiss balls, making it a great exercise ball for adults or kids that wont roll away during use. Also great as a small seat.

Fortitude Sports Donut Exercise Ball is a multi-purpose, highly versatile inflatable swiss ball that comes complete with foot pump and is available in two colours - pink or blue. It's size is 50cm wide by 30cm tall.

Our Fitness Donut can be used for a wide range of purposes. For instance the most common use is at home or in the gym for performing yoga, pilates or other forms of core, stability and balance exercises. Another use is as a maternity ball during pregnancy for performing birthing exercises. It can also be used for physical therapy exercises or as a comfortable, ergonomic seat.

Each unit comes with a foot pump for easy inflation. It takes only a few minutes to inflate the ball, making it convenient to inflate or deflate as needed and to take deflated with you to the gym or when travelling and then inflate when needed.

The main benefit of our donut ball, versus other swiss ball shapes, is that the top and bottom are flat which prevents the ball rolling away during use and offers better stability and safety for users of all ages.

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