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  • Foam Barbell Squat Pad - 45cm x 10cm foam cushion sleeve for Olympic and standard barbells with fixing straps for added safety. Slip the cover onto the gym bar and tighten the straps to secure the foam pad in place.

  • Decrease Neck Pressure On Squats and Lunges - Use of our padded barbell cover reduces the pressure that heavy barbells place on the neck, shoulders and vertebrae during squats; reducing injury risk and pain.

  • Easy To Use - Our lightweight foam sleeve slips easily onto any gym barbell, sits snugly and firmly in place and can be easily taken with you to the gym or used at home.

  • Great For Hip Thrusts - Our thick foam barbell cover makes a great hip thrust pad. Hip thrusts are a fantastic exercise but can be quite uncomfortable due to pressure on the upper thighs from the bar - our gym bar sleeve eliminates this problem.

  • Versatile, Durable and High Quality - Suitable for weight lifting men and women of all abilities, can be used for a variety of exercises. Available in black, red or pink barbell pad variations.

Squat and Hip Thrust Barbell Pad

Fortitude Sports Barbell Squat Pad is a 45cm x 10cm foam sleeve for placing onto any standard or olympic barbell. The 3.5cm thick foam provides an effective cushion which is especially useful for relieving/decreasing neck pressure during exercises like barbell squats and lunges where the bar rests on the neck and shoulders.
By dispersing the weight load over a larger surface area and using a soft, spongy material, pressure on the neck and through the spine is decreased significantly, reducing injury risk. Our squat pads are extremely easy to use - they slip quickly and easily onto any Olympic or standard bar, sit firmly and snugly in place without spin/rotation or slippage and are very lightweight/portable so can easily be thrown in your gym bag to take to the gym with you. They also come with a pair of safety straps to further tighten the foam to the bar and enhance safety and comfort.
Additionally this product is extremely popular for hip thrusts - an increasingly favoured exercise for building the glutes and upper leg muscles where a barbell is placed across the upper thighs, which can be quite uncomfortable as the weight is increased. Our gym bar pad cushion makes for a great hip thrust pad to take that pressure off the legs/hips during this exercise.
Other exercises that can use our foam olympic bar pad include lunges, landmine shoulder presses and seated barbell calf raises. Its truly a high quality versatile product, available in black, red and pink that is an invaluable piece of strength training equipment for men and women who enjoy working out. Our pink barbell pad is especially popular with ladies.
Fortitude Sports Barbell Pad Hip Thrust Squats Barbell Cover

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